Friday, March 25, 2011

Surprise... Socks & Snow!

I'm taking a quick break from posting pictures and comments about the Philadelphia Flower Show to share a couple of surprises that greeted me this week.

The first surprise came early this week. On Sunday I received a beautiful pair of hand-knit socks, delivered to me by none other than the Sock Fairy herself. I can't even begin to express how this gift has really touched me. I feel so honored to be given this hand-crafted gift!

Just think...

In this day and age...

How often are we given a gift that was created specifically for us?

Those kind of gifts take time and thought. The giver has to know us well enough to know what colors or style to select. And then, they have to be willing to invest their time in creating this gift - a unique creation made just for us. How special it is to be the owner of a one-of-a-kind pair of socks that were made just for me. Wow, I feel so honored, loved and cared for. A huge thank you my dear friend Cinnie!

Another reason this gift from my friend is so special, is it's unexpectedness... And in truth isn't that the essence of a gift... that we had nothing to do with earning or deserving it. It's only by grace that we've been blessed. And that reminds me of my sister Karen, and how we used to give gifts to each other for no other reason than we wanted to share it with each other. Karen and I called those unexpected and unearned gifts "Grace Gifts", because they were given just because we loved each other.

I would like to say that Karen and I always had this wonderfully fantastic close sisterly bond. But, the truth is, it was not until she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in her early thirties that our relationship finally matured, and we reached a place where "Love always Wins", in the end, to love and be loved is all that really matters.

Karen's love, strength, courage, kindness and grace during her five year battle with that awful and cruel disease has forever changed me, and I've learned...

Every day is a gift, not to be taken for granted.

Real relationships require time, lots of forgiveness, even more love and are totally worth whatever we feel we are sacrificing.

People are more important than theology, and that God does work in strange, unusual and miraculous ways.

Losses never truly go away, you just find a way to go on living with them.

We regret more those things we did not do, than any mistake we've ever made.

Hugs are often more helpful than words. 

The second surprise came early Thursday morning, in the form of snow-flakes.

Winter's reminder that even though spring is in-deed "officially" here, the natural world is not controlled by dates on a calendar.

While I am so ready for spring, there is always something magical about a spring snow...

I think perhaps it is the contradiction of seeing snow and flowers simultaneously.

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