Thursday, March 24, 2011

Childhood Delights at the Flower Show

A Carousel of Animals… 
a Peacock, a Butterfly, a Unicorn, a Dolphin, a Lion, a Camel, an Ostrich, a Bunny, a Snail & a Bee!

You can see the Carousel in the background & the Lion in the foreground
As I entered the Flower Show, I was greeted not only by the Eiffel Tower, but by these delightfully whimsical carousel animals. The Peacock and Butterfly bid me welcome, inviting me to go back in time and experience the show through a child’s eyes… 

so sit back and let these beautiful floral creations return to your childhood when our imaginations allowed us to believe anything is possible!

The Peacock
The Butterfly with a glimpse of The Ostrich in the background
The Unicorn
The Lion

The Dolphin

The Camel
Camel detail

The Bunny
The Ostrich

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