Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stormy Weather

So, I've been down for the count with a bout of the flu. I was the second one in the house to come down with it. Roberto battled it first, and won in 24 hours. I on the other hand took a big hit, and am on day three of Tamiflu.

Speaking of three... Steven was the third one to come down with the flu quickly followed by my sister-in-law. And now Aliina has flu symptoms.

Being sick at the same time as your spouse is an interesting experience, which oddly that has never happened before. While I was resting and trying to recover in bed, Steven decided to be a bit like Goldi-locks with flu... trying-out every other bed, sofa or otherwise sleepable surface. This resulted in Aliina and Roberto following him around with a can of Lysol.

If there were a Toughness Award for battling the flu, my sister-in-law would win it. With a 102 fever, she loaded up on Advil and went to the Lady Gaga concert! I however would probably win the Wimpy Award, postponing my plans to go to the flower show.

In the midst of all this the refrigerator decided to develop a split personality, the freezer entered into deep-freeze mode, diving to temperatures of minus 14, while the refrigerator went into tropical-mode, climbing to a temperature of 69+, not exactly the best way to keep food fresh and safe to eat. I have learned that shopping for appliances when you are sick with the flu does speed up the process, you find what you need, pay for it, and then hurry home to get back into bed.

Oh, and did I mention that on Monday, Vinnie our Golden Retriever had to go to the vets because his GI tract was acting up.

New refrigerator has been delivered, sick husband well enough to go back to work, a happy golden and another script for Tamiflu filled and picked-up - this one for Aliina... Whew, now I just have to survive today's epic rain and I think we'll be on the up-swing.

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