Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodies from Vermont

My husband has returned home safe and sound from visiting with his Mom. He and my nephew Jon got a few things checked off her "to-do" list. Wood split and stacked, and taxes filed. Some things will just have to wait for warmer weather, like the ice pond at the end of her driveway and repairing the carport.

While they were there they squeezed in a couple of ice hockey games... a college mens game and a high school girls game. They also went to one of my favorite stores, Farm-Way in Bradford VT. I may not have had the opportunity to browse around Farm-Way, but Steven was sweet enough to bring back a few goodies!!! A pair of up-cycled fingerless mittens from Baabaazuzu, which work very well at keeping ones hands warm while typing on the computer. And two pairs of SmartWool socks, my favorite washable wool socks. They are the only wool socks that don't itch me. Steven likes Vermont's very own Darn Tough socks best, and he did treat himself to a new pair (sorry no picture, they are on his feet).

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