Monday, February 7, 2011

First Steps

In my first blog entry I wrote about some of my goals for 2011, one of which being the starting of a blog... I've taken that plunge and found that blogging is both fun and challenging. I've also discovered some really great blogs in the process.

Another goal I've been considering for 2011 is the 3-day 60-mile Breast Cancer walk... I've done some research on it and spoken with some friends who have already done it... AND, I've decided that it is definitely something I want to do this year!

I've signed up for an informational meeting, which takes place later this week... and in Honor of my  Sister Karen, I've purposed myself to register on February 17th for the Komen 3-day walk... the 17th is my sister Karen's Birthday, Karen would have been 49. This year, 2011, also marks the 10 year anniversary of her death due to complications from breast cancer.

Here's to you Karen, my Sister, my Hero - You are remembered, loved and missed so very much!

Here is to some day soon finding a cure for cancer, so no more families will have to face, struggle against this illness ever again

Here is to ALL the Daughters, Sisters, Wives, Mothers and Friends who have battled, are battling and will have to battle Breast Cancer - I will be walking for you!

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