Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Bags in less than 1 month! Bag #1

Acquiring 3 bags in a months time may not seem all that unusual for many people, but... I've been know to go 3 years between handbag purchases.

The first bag was purchased just before Christmas, and became a Christmas gift from Steven... how else could I justify it's purchase??? After all, back in October, I had just treated myself to a new Vera Bradley Bowler bag (which BTW I absolutely love its design) for my birthday. But here I was standing in the gift-shop of a small art museum in Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania, lusting after this bag. My first encounter with a Maruca purse... it's fabric design and texture so visually pleasing.

My little beauty is called "Cupcake".

I've learned that Maruca is a small design house in the foothills of Boulder Colorado. They made their first handbag in 1991 with a commitment to being 100% U.S. made! They work with U.S. textile mills to manufacture their jacquard woven fabrics. Twice a year they create a new fabric line which they then handcraft into Maruca handbags.

I've visited their website several times now, checking out their fabric and handbag line from the fall (which my bag is from) and the bags and fabrics to come in their spring line. Not only are their bags beautiful, well crafted and made in the U.S.A., they are reasonably priced.

Maruca Design Link

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